Dog and Cat Boarding Facilities: Choose the Best Option

Your dog may be accustomed to the comforts of home and their daily routines, but what happens when you need to arrange for external care? Whatever your situation, pet boarding facilities are an option that many owners trust to meet the needs of their beloved furry companions.

While this can be a new and exciting experience for your dog, many owners feel intimidated and uncomfortable with the idea of sending their pup to an unfamiliar environment.

The right boarding facility will keep your pet comfortable, happy, and at ease. Here are our top tips on how to choose the best pet boarding facility for your dog.

Plan Ahead.

How long will your dog need to stay in the boarding facility? Some facilities might be better for short-term stays, while others are equipped for longer stays. Knowing in advance how long your dog will need to be there and the activities they’ll enjoy during their stay will help you choose the best place.

We strongly recommend all owners to visit the pet boarding facilities before booking any stay. This will allow you to verify that the facilities are in good condition and meet your expectations.

Most importantly, if your dog is going to stay in a pet boarding facility, we strongly recommend keeping their vaccinations up to date and getting a general health check before their stay. Any pet boarding facility that does not specify vaccination requirements is likely not suitable for your dog and could jeopardize their health. Your veterinarian can provide you with a vaccination certificate, which most facilities will require before your dog’s stay begins.


Create a shortlist of pet boarding facilities that interest you and research each one. Do they have websites with information about their facilities, staff, and what you can expect from them? How are their ratings in Google or Facebook reviews?

One of the best ways to narrow down your search for an excellent pet boarding facility is to ask for references from the facility. Talk to other pet owners who have used their services and inquire about their experience with the staff and facilities. You can even talk to owners who have dogs with similar needs to ensure that the facility’s staff is fully capable of caring for your pet.

Practice makes perfect.

Most pet boarding facilities will give you the opportunity to have your dog stay with them for short visits. Some even offer doggy daycare! Sending your pup to the facility for short periods, like one or two days, will allow them to get used to the environment and the people they’ll be spending time with.

These short stays can give owners peace of mind that their beloved furry friends are happy and having fun. And if you feel that your dog isn’t having as good of a time as you’d like at the facility, these short visits will allow you to try out different pet boarding facilities before booking a longer stay.

After any short (or long) stay, check in with the staff about your dog’s behavior and appetite.

Individual circumstances.

If your pet has a special diet, allergies, or medications they need to take, prioritize choosing a boarding facility that can accommodate their special needs. Many facilities are more than willing to work with owners, and arranging a conversation in advance can help you feel more secure about their care and stay.

Aspects to consider.

When inspecting a pet boarding facility, make sure to find out:
  • If there are areas for exercise and play.
  • If they provide shelter and a comfortable sleeping place.
  • If their current clients appear happy (excitement is okay, distress is not).
  • If their feeding schedule and provided food are sufficient and healthy.
  • What kind of interaction your dog can expect to have with other furry companions.
  • How often their sleeping areas will be cleaned.
  • How the facility handles unsociable dogs.
  • How the facility addresses separation anxiety.
  • What kind of security measures the facility has to prevent unwanted visitors.
  • What procedures are in place in case your dog becomes ill.

Points to remember.

It can be tough to leave your dog at a pet boarding facility, but most dogs are excited about their stay and view it as a rewarding experience. Many dogs quickly adapt to pet boarding facilities and return home from their adventure happy and tired from plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

If your dog experiences any negative change in behavior after their stay at a pet boarding facility, it’s best to take them to the veterinarian immediately for an evaluation and care.

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