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24h caregivers

The canine residences ensure that your pet is watched 24 hours a day by the best professionals in the sector

Play and exercise

Long hours of games and exercise so that our pet is active, reducing its stress and keeping it much happier and more animated.

Veterinary assitance

Veterinary assistance available to all guests at all times

Comfortable and spacious spaces

Spacious, clean and comfortable rooms so that our pet feels totally calm

Specialized pet staff

Experts with years of experience guaranteeing the well being of our pets

Prepare for travel and accomodation

Preparatory research

Before selecting a pet hotel, conduct research and visit the facilities. Make sure the place meets your standards for safety, cleanliness, and animal care. Speaking with other pet owners who have used the hotel's services can also provide you with valuable information.

Vaccine and Health Updates

Ensure that your pet's vaccines are up-to-date and that they are in good health before their stay. The health and well-being of all residents at the hotel are a priority, so many facilities will require a health and vaccination certificate.

Home-like ammenities

Bring some familiar items from home, such as their bed, favorite toys, and a blanket with their scent. These familiar items can help your pet feel more comfortable and secure in a new environment.

Nourishment and Diets

If your pet has a special diet, provide enough food for their stay and provide detailed feeding instructions. Make sure to communicate any special dietary needs to the hotel staff.

Consider the Climate and Species

Don't forget to consider the climate and species of your pet when preparing their stay at the hotel. If your companion is sensitive to the weather, make sure to inform the staff about their thermal preferences. Additionally, different species have distinct needs, so it's important to communicate any details to ensure a tailored and comfortable experience for your pet during their stay.

Leaving Clear Instructions

Leave clear and detailed instructions about your pet's habits and needs. This includes feeding schedules, necessary medications, and any special behaviors they should be aware of.

Maintain a Calm and Positive Attitude

Pets can sense your energy, so remain calm and positive during the process of leaving them at the hotel. A peaceful and secure farewell can help them feel more at ease when departing.

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